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Things to do

Our first day of building went great but we found a bunch of stuff that needs to get done before the next one. You can find pictures of the build on the gallery page.

1. Coupler from the DC motor to the gear- This will move the gear farther away from the wall.

2. Brace on the front of the tank to stop it from moving

3. Front panel mounting grooves – These can be 3D printed or machined

4. Find or purchase a 2″ dowel for the spool

5. make the spool

6.  Pattern for mounting the fans – Sent to John

7. Back fan Brace

8. Mounting holes for motor

7. Mount for electronics

8. Threaded rod into disk

9. Order the Heater bank

10.GUI Interface and arduino Code -GUI interface picture posted on design page, Basic Arduino Code finished.

11. Finish the Pinapple.

As we finish stuff we can cross them out.


Pineapple mixer and heater bands

Things are going well. All parts have been ordered and assembly started. The Pot assembly has been completed and wooden pieces started. The electronics have not arrived yet but that’s the easier part. Some key points have come up during assembling. We found a better solution to the heating of the pot. Its called heated band and they are used for heating up pipes. We were able to get a 500w heater for the 3″ pipe for 25. That’s only a bit more than the one we got and a lot more powerful. Plus that’s one less hole we need to drill. although we still need to get the thermocouple inside the pot but that’s a much smaller hole. Also a solution to the mixing problem has been found. Its called a pineapple mixer and its a static mixing tool. This will be placed in the 2in pipe before the valve. It creates turbulent flow and mixes the colorant and the plastic. This will prob be the final mix of the plastic and some basic mixing would have to be done before hand.