New pineapple and Heat Transfer data

Top Video: AL 6061 Pineapple and cap

Bottom video: Steel 1018 Pineapple and cap

I have designed a new Pineapple with a heater rod in it. Above the pineapple is the cap that will be press fit into the bottom of the pot. The 1/4″ NPT pipe is threaded into the cap and this video shows the temp over time. The heater rod is at a constant 500 F and is 2″ long. It was originally 2.5″ but this created hot spots on the tip of the pineapple because it was so thin there. This design should melt the plastic more uniformly and keep the pineapple at the desired temp. The thermocouple will be embedded in the pineapple to regulate its temp. The design is uploaded into the design section.


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