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Indiegogo page

We have posted a campaign on to try and get some funding for our company and projects we are working on.  Show your support and donate some money to help us move forward. We have a few donation levels and there will be more added later as the page grows.

Check it out at

Thank you for everyone who has and will support us.


Well that didn’t work as expected

Last Saturday, we met up and testing our platform. We let it heat up to 480 F and made sure the system could maintain temperature. We added plastic and nothing happened. Smoke started coming out of the bottom of the nozzle and it made perfect rings. As seen in the video.

We got to a point where we thought nothing was going to change and we pulled out the piston to find this.

This is a combination of burnt plastic and melted plastic at the piston. My guess is the temp was too high and once the lower stuff burned it was over. This is why we have the Plan B. We already had the parts and the design was finalized.

The Doors Open

Back in May, there was a challenge by to see who could be the first group to create a extruder that could make plastic filament for 3D printing. Doing some research into the raw plastic and I found that it is quite difficult to find any plastic that’s not in huge quantities.  There are a few on eBay but they lack any nice colors or options. We are opening our doors with 15 different types of plastics and colors.

  • ABS – Black, Green, and Gray
  • HDPE – Black, Almond, Dark Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Mahogany
  • PP- Pink, White, Green
  • Poly carbonate- Gray
  • PLA- Natural

We know that a big source to home made filament will be recycled materials. Buy some of our plastic and use it to add colors and volume to your home made filament.  As time goes on we will add more types of plastic and more colors. We are located in Leominster, MA and it is a great location to purchase plastic. After all, it is the plastic capital of the world!  We look forward to doing business with you.

This is my cat, Zane, helping me organize my merchandise. He is so helpful!

Robert Burnham

Plan B

As we move forward with testing, it is important to have a plan B in place. This is a blend between concept 1 and concept 2. Its a smaller pipe with a screw that feeds the plastic pellet into the pineapple. This cuts down cost and would allow for a continual flow rate. The top of the wooden structure is a  hopper for the plastic pellets. The overall  footprint is a little bit wider and the height is the same as the latest rev for concept 2. The thermal results show that the pineapple and the nozzle heat up withing 10 min but the heat does not travel up to the screw.