Spectralight 0400

We had a Spectralight 0400 given to us by Norwich University. This is a nice little tabletop cnc lathe. Right now we are not sure what works or what does not. We actually still need to pick it up. I just thought that this would be a good chance to document the revival of this machine.

Initial research shows that this machine requires a special card for a computer and the software is old and outdated. I doubt the school still have the card for it or any of the software.  I was able to find some specs on it. The machine was manufactured by Light Machines Corporation but was later bought out by Intelitek. They had some information on the machine.  I was able to find some blogs on people reviving machines like this but they lacked any in depth data. Right now, I am thinking that the easiest thing would be to replace the electronics and run a newer software. I found this board and it runs with Mach3. This would be $250 fix and assuming all the steppers and spindle motor worked. We would be up and running fast.


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2 responses to “Spectralight 0400”

  1. OliverEngineer says :

    Ha ha, I used one of those in High School! Along with their mills and robot.

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