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End of the World/Holiday/End of the Year SALE!!!

Don’t miss out on our End of the World/Holiday/End of the Year sale. With every $20 spent at our web store  we will throw in a free 1 lb bag of natural plastic and 2 oz bag of colorant. The sale end on December 31st.


Small achievement


Between Sunday and Monday we sold 22 lbs of plastic. I know it’s not much but I’m impressed. October we sold 10 lbs and we crushed that in two days.

Updated Webpage and new friends!!

We have consolidated our blogs into one. From now on all thing business and project related will be posted here. If you find any issues, please let us know.

On Saturday we had the chance to meet Adam Proctor and Dan Riley of Blu-Bin. It was great to talk to them and it was so great we are meeting up again this weekend. They gave us some great input and I hope we can work together and succeed together in the future.  Blu-Bin is a 3D printing store in Poultney, VT and they do some great work. I got a chance to see Dan’s Iphone case and it looked great.

Screw motor with PLA gears

Screw motor with PLA gears

To create more torque, we used two PLA gears made on our Ultimaker. This brings down our RPM from 15 to about 10 and our torque to 750 oz in.