Archive | February 2013

New webstore

The new web store should be up and running. We have separated the natural plastic from the colorant. This just simplifies the process and helps us track inventory better. We are also offering shipping through Fedex, UPS, and USPS. If you have any issues with the store, please let us know. This is new software and we would like to work out any bugs quickly.


New store

We are updating to our new store. I am sorry if this causes you any hassle. 

Price change and Growth

As we grow as a company, there are cost we need to consider that were overlooked before. We have increased pricing on the natural plastic. This will help us expand and grow. We are also upgrading our webstore and ebay. We have removed free shipping from our eBay post and allowing the customer to choose the best shipping service. This will lower shipping cost for the customer and let them combine shipping better. Upgrading our webstore will give us a more profession look and also give customers better shipping option. We are dedicated to providing a quality product and supporting our customers and this market grows. Thank you

Material data sheets

People have been asking for a datasheet for the ABS. Here it is!!!

ABS Natural