Archive | April 2013

Colorant Update

People have been asking about colorant. So here is our plan and an estimate of pricing. We will be adding Blue, Red, and Yellow ABS colorant. On top of that, we will be adding Black, Yellow, Red, and Blue PLA colorant. We have gotten quotes for these and once the kickstarter ends, things will be put in motion. All colorants will be priced between 2-3 dollars for a 2oz bag. Each 2oz bag will color between 5 to 10 pounds depending on mix ratios. We are also working on adding glow in the dark ABS colorant but we don’t have pricing at the moment.

We have also purchased MG94 natural ABS. This plastic has been tested extensively by the beta testers. This is what we will be shipping out with the kits and selling on our site. Our plan is to offer a few different types of natural ABS, that way people can pick what fits their needs.