Rough Day

We had big plans for today. We had people coming to help and parts were ready to go. Then things started to go wrong. We found some small issues with the enclosure. We could fix these by hand but that takes time. Luckily we only cut 14 of them and we could fix the problem. Then we noticed our router shaking around. Turns out it was trying to destroy itself. The gantry has shifted and the machine was all messed up. A sheet of plywood was jacked up and we had to scrap it. We gave the machine some love and got it working better than before. Finally, We put together our first machine and we noticed something was wrong. The hot end was off center. The center support was off center and all of them had to be scraped.

Not everything was bad today. Everyone worked hard and we got a few machines put together. We also got a ton of leg work done. Pipes cleaned up, hot ends assembled, and enclosures cleaned up. We also got most of the cutting done on a new set of supports. It was a rough day but we still got a lot done.




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