Filastruder info

With our machines about to head out. I would like to take the time to direct people to all the information they will need. The machine will come not completely assembled. We do this to help protect some key components during shipping. You will need to assemble the guide/fan assembly. The fan is taped to the front of the machine, and the parts are located in a padded bag inside your box. Reference the drawings below for more information.

guide assembly

The guide assembly is used to support the filament as it leaves the nozzle. The filament will rest on the metal guides located at the end of the guide bars. These are adjustable so that you can tailor your machine.

The final step is to plug in your machine using the power cord enclosed. The cord is a AC to DC converter, and plugs into the dc jack on the back end. Before you turn the machine on please read the owners manual. This will include instruction on how to build a kit version but at the end on instructions on how to run it. We also recommend you review the for information on general operations. This will help you prepare yourself.

To turn on the machine, turn the HEATER switch to ON. You will see the PID controller turn on. You will need to set it to the desired temperature. Reference the manual on how to do this. After the heater has been on for 10-15 minutes and it has reached the desired temperature. You are ready to introduce plastic pellets. Fill the hopper with your pellets and turn the MOTOR switch to ON. This will feed the pellets into the hot end. You should see plastic start to extrude out of the end of the nozzle. You will want to use some kind of tool to guide the filament over the guide assembly.

If you have any questions please ask. If you run into any issues or problems, please let us know. We want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Thank you


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