Sale and Other News

First off, I have left my job and will be going full time starting Monday. What does this mean for you, well I can focus way more time than before. I will be going from 10 -15 hours a week to 40+. This means more time to build machines, more time to focus on product development. I have some good ideas in the pipeline, I just needed the time. So lets Celebrate!! For the next two weeks we will be giving any order of $30 10% off. Use the code 10off. These are exciting times.

We are working on doing bundles. These would include natural plastic, a choice of a few colors, and free shipping. There will be options for domestic and international orders. There will be 4lb option and a 10 pound option. Expect to see these this week. We have also added color bundles. Those are on our store as I type.

When it comes to machines, I know we area bit late but here is our plan. We have majority of the machines done, and I will be building Monday and Tuesday. My goal is to get all of the June kits out this week. When I make the labels, you will receive an email with the tracking info. We are shipping Fedex ground for the US and USPS for international orders. We have shipped a few kits and have learned a ton about how to ship these machines and ways to improve.

One of those improvements was a manual. This manual will cover what to expect in your box and what you need to do to get to your first extrusion. In the future we will be releasing troubleshooting guides and how to change out nozzles.

Check out for an alternate fan mount.

Once we are done June machines, we will be rolling right into July machines.

We now have a Tech support email If you have any issues with your machine or need help, email us and we will do everything we can. This email will also help us track issues and improve our design and your experience.

I would like to say thank you to all our great supports and everyone who has given us feed back. Keep it coming!!



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