Archive | October 2013

Fully Assembled Manual V1.2 Released

The newest version of the manual is out. We have changed out a few parts and how we assembled the fan assembly. The 3D printed bars have been changed with laser cut ones. Also, the fan is placed under the fan mount. This allows better adjustment of the fan assembly and prevents the fan from blowing on the nozzle. If you have the printed guide bars, here is Manual V1.1.


August Filastruders Done!!

It has been a while since we have last posted here. We have been working hard to build machines and get them out the door. Well today we shipped out 27 machines, marking the end of August (machines)!! 



We have around 96 more machines to go. This should take us between 5-6 weeks to complete. 


On a side note, we got glow in the dark master batch!! You can find them in our store individually or with any of our bundles.