Archive | March 2014

Filastruder Enclosure V2


We have finished revamping our filastruder enclosure. Here is what we have changed:

One of the biggest changes is the guide assembly. It is now a single printed part that mounts to the front support. It uses a 50mm fan instead of a 80mm fan. It also uses a single guide. At 4ft and using ABS, we got great results and holding tolerences of +-.05mm.

We added a spine to the enclosure. That makes the overall enclosure more rigid. This will help with the newer motors additional torque and allows for operation without the back panel.

The supports went from 1/2 ply to 3/4 ply. This prevents de-lamination of the plywood from the threaded inserts.

We have added two T-nuts to the spine. This allows for the machine to be wall mounted using two 1/4-20 bolts.


You can find the new enclosure at or