Open Source Printing was founded in the spring of 2012 in Manchester NH. Our goal is to embody the ideals of “open source” to provide a product to hobbyist which is high quality and economical. It is with these beliefs that we hope to advance 3D printing. Right now we are working on a low cost plastic extruder with the hopes to make plastic filament for 3D printing. This technology will open up new opportunities in types of plastic and colors.  A blog with details on this project will be live soon.

Check out our Indiegogo page http://www.indiegogo.com/osprintingllc?a=1159534. This campaign will be growing over time as we make progress on our extruder.

Some goals for the future

Create competitions

Fund and create college senior capstone project that will be good for the community

Low cost plastic extruder

Develop new types and colors of plastic filament

Robert Burnham is the Owner and Operator of OSP.  Rob graduated from Norwich University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is the proud owner of an Ultimaker 3D printer and loves the field of robotics.

John DiRusso is a skilled machinist and craftsman, responsible for much of the fabrication, tooling, and know-how involved in our home extruder project. Aside from sharing the commitment to quality and accessibility of product, John has been invaluable in the establishment of our base of operations in the “Plastic City” of Leominster Massachusetts.


Sean Patev is a Hobbyist and techie. Sean is a Plant Pathology graduate student involved mainly with the social media and website administration of the group. In the near future he hopes to be involved with representation at Maker Faires and other gatherings, as well as organization of hosted competitions, info resources, and general assistance to Rob and John.



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  1. Ken Shaw says :

    Do offer stock in this corp? I also have some ideas to share.

    Ken Shaw
    Taunton, Massachusetts
    Call (508) 977-9934

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