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Going out of business sale!

We are in the process of going out of business. We are selling colorant by the pound and at a big discount. Everything must go and it is a first come first serve kind of deal. Check it out at

We thank you for your business!!


Filastruder Enclosure V2


We have finished revamping our filastruder enclosure. Here is what we have changed:

One of the biggest changes is the guide assembly. It is now a single printed part that mounts to the front support. It uses a 50mm fan instead of a 80mm fan. It also uses a single guide. At 4ft and using ABS, we got great results and holding tolerences of +-.05mm.

We added a spine to the enclosure. That makes the overall enclosure more rigid. This will help with the newer motors additional torque and allows for operation without the back panel.

The supports went from 1/2 ply to 3/4 ply. This prevents de-lamination of the plywood from the threaded inserts.

We have added two T-nuts to the spine. This allows for the machine to be wall mounted using two 1/4-20 bolts.


You can find the new enclosure at or


5% off on any order over $40
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FilaWinder only $179.99
We have started selling the FilaWinder. A fully automated filament winder that utilized a feedback loop to maintain high filament tolerances. This is great for people who want their filament operation to take up less space or don’t want filament coiling on the ground.

Vapor Print Finisher
The Vapor Print Finisher(VPF) is a hotplate that can be used to perform acetone vapor baths. An acetone vapor bath uses acetone vapors to smooth out a 3D printed ABS part. Giving your prints a smooth glossy finish. The VPF is small and compact and gives you the freedom to perform vapor baths in well ventilated areas.

End of The Year Sale

It is that time of the year again! To celebrate a great year, we are having our biggest sale to date. Everything is on sale!!

ABS & PLA colorant (red, blue, yellow, black)- $1.99 per 2 oz pack. That is a savings of $0.51 cents!

ABS Plastic Resin- $3.50 per pound

PLA Plastic Resin -$3.125 per pound

Plus so much more!!

This sale goes from Dec 23rd to Dec 31st.

Last Machine Out The Door

We have done it. The last of the Filastruder Kickstarter machines has been picked up. I would like to start out by saying thank you to all of the amazing backers. Without your support, we would not be as successful as we are today. You were supportive even though we were a month or two late with your machines. For that we say thank you. We would also like to say thank you to Tim Elmore and the Filastruder Team. This has been a rewarding experience and everyone at OSP appreciates this amazing opportunity.

To say thank you and celebrate our success, we are offering 15% off everything in the store. Using the code 15off when you are checking out and you will receive 15% off the entire order. This code can only be used once and applies to everything in the store. This offer ends 12/3.

Countdown board

Masterbatch Ratios for the Filastruder

Great work by David Smith using our plastic and colorant.

Bits Into Atoms

I’ve been mixing up different colors and running them through the Filastruder. I’ve kept the Filastruder going 100% of the time. I’m trying to do them in an order so that the colors are similar and that one batch can quickly transition to the next. Here is what I’ve done so far.

Lemon/Lime (1:64 master batch ratio) – The color came out very close to a nice lemon lime color. The color varied back and forth between green and yellow as it would hit one of the master batch granules.

  • 2 cups ABS Natural from OSPrinting
  • 1.25 tsp yellow master batch
  • 0.25 tsp blue master batch

Yellow (1:32 master batch ratio) – I wanted a color that could be used to print a Pikachu for my daughter. For a true Pikachu yellow, I probably should have added a tiny bit of red to it. The yellow came out nice although…

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Fully Assembled Manual V1.2 Released

The newest version of the manual is out. We have changed out a few parts and how we assembled the fan assembly. The 3D printed bars have been changed with laser cut ones. Also, the fan is placed under the fan mount. This allows better adjustment of the fan assembly and prevents the fan from blowing on the nozzle. If you have the printed guide bars, here is Manual V1.1.