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Due to manufacturing issues, in recent months there has been a very limited supply of ABS MG94 pellets.  We ran out in December and have been working hard to try and get some at a price where we will not have to double what we have charged in the past.  We finally made a deal to get some in and had it arrive last week (13 April 2017).

While we were working these deals, we found an ABS product that performs REALLY close to MG94 and in our opinion somewhat better in printing bridges, but we’ll leave that for you to decide.  This new plastic is made by Kumho and is their 750SW Natural product.

To celebrate the return of MG94 to our store we are offering a 5% discount (5FORMG94) till the end of May on our ABS products and also a discount code to keep the free shipping (FREESHIPPOWDERWITHBUNDLE) while adding one of our Powder Colorant Bundles to the Free Shipping Pellet Bundles.



Business sold and Store now re-opened

My name is Jonathan Shaw.  I purchased the business assets from Rob.  I hope to continue in his shoes and provide materials that the community needs.  If you have any questions or suggestions on new products/colors, let me know and we can look into providing those that are most popular.  In future weeks we hope to fully convert to our new domain.  We will still keep the old domain ported to the new site so that both ways will access the store.  The new domain currently points to our old store

Thank You for your continued support.

Jonathan Shaw

Open Source 3D Printing, LLC (New domain.  Both e-mails still get to me.)