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Cnc router is working


When we first got the router hooked up the way we received it. We found that the old computer did not even have a USB on it. The good news was that the ShopBot software could run gcode, we just needed a way to get it onto the computer. So we set up a computer with xp. That way we can run mastercam and make gcode files. Then a virtual computer is used to run the shopbot software. This way we can make the gcode and run it all on the same computer. The only thing we are missing is end stop limit switches.


CNC Router

CNC Router

This is our newish (new to us) CNC Router. Currently it runs old software but we will probably be upgrading it.

Spectralight 0400

We had a Spectralight 0400 given to us by Norwich University. This is a nice little tabletop cnc lathe. Right now we are not sure what works or what does not. We actually still need to pick it up. I just thought that this would be a good chance to document the revival of this machine.

Initial research shows that this machine requires a special card for a computer and the software is old and outdated. I doubt the school still have the card for it or any of the software.  I was able to find some specs on it. The machine was manufactured by Light Machines Corporation but was later bought out by Intelitek. They had some information on the machine.  I was able to find some blogs on people reviving machines like this but they lacked any in depth data. Right now, I am thinking that the easiest thing would be to replace the electronics and run a newer software. I found this board and it runs with Mach3. This would be $250 fix and assuming all the steppers and spindle motor worked. We would be up and running fast.