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Business sold and Store now re-opened

My name is Jonathan Shaw.  I purchased the business assets from Rob.  I hope to continue in his shoes and provide materials that the community needs.  If you have any questions or suggestions on new products/colors, let me know and we can look into providing those that are most popular.  In future weeks we hope to fully convert to our new domain.  We will still keep the old domain ported to the new site so that both ways will access the store.  The new domain currently points to our old store

Thank You for your continued support.

Jonathan Shaw

Open Source 3D Printing, LLC (New domain.  Both e-mails still get to me.)


Colorant Update

People have been asking about colorant. So here is our plan and an estimate of pricing. We will be adding Blue, Red, and Yellow ABS colorant. On top of that, we will be adding Black, Yellow, Red, and Blue PLA colorant. We have gotten quotes for these and once the kickstarter ends, things will be put in motion. All colorants will be priced between 2-3 dollars for a 2oz bag. Each 2oz bag will color between 5 to 10 pounds depending on mix ratios. We are also working on adding glow in the dark ABS colorant but we don’t have pricing at the moment.

We have also purchased MG94 natural ABS. This plastic has been tested extensively by the beta testers. This is what we will be shipping out with the kits and selling on our site. Our plan is to offer a few different types of natural ABS, that way people can pick what fits their needs.

Material data sheets

People have been asking for a datasheet for the ABS. Here it is!!!

ABS Natural

Adding PLA

We are considering adding PLA to our inventory. In order to get PLA at a price that is reasonable, we have to order in bulk. So please fill out this survey and let us know how much we can expect to sell right off the bat. If the number is good enough, then we will proceed sooner than we would have normally. The estimated price is $3.50 per pound of natural 4043D PLA.

Yellow HDPE colorant


We added Yellow HDPE colorant to our inventory. To celebrate, we are giving away a free 2oz yellow colorant with every order including HDPE natural. This is good till 1/24.

Updated Webpage and new friends!!

We have consolidated our blogs into one. From now on all thing business and project related will be posted here. If you find any issues, please let us know.

On Saturday we had the chance to meet Adam Proctor and Dan Riley of Blu-Bin. It was great to talk to them and it was so great we are meeting up again this weekend. They gave us some great input and I hope we can work together and succeed together in the future.  Blu-Bin is a 3D printing store in Poultney, VT and they do some great work. I got a chance to see Dan’s Iphone case and it looked great.