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New project space

Last night we cleaned up our new project space and I am exited to start doing work in there. Its a small room ( I think 30 by 50ft), that use to be the quality control room for the company that was here before us.  Soon, we will be adding our CNC lathe (I dont know where we will put it).


Fedex contest

We have entered the Fedex grant contest. This is a small business grant worth $25,000!  This would help us go from hobbyist to full time on this project and this company. So please vote for us Here. You can vote once a day and any help would be great. Vote early and Vote often!!! Thank you

We have added a Web store

We have a new Web store that is run using Paypal. This gives us the option to sell more and combine shipping easier. Check it out at

We have also changed how we package things. We now sell plastics in 2lb and 4lb increments and colorant. To make colored plastics when you extrude, you mix natural plastic (no color) with colorant. That is why when you order colored plastic, you get 2lb or 4lb of natural plastic and 2-4oz of colorant. You can also order just the colorant to add to your recycled batches.  Right now we are focusing on ABS and HDPE, but we will be adding more later as we sort through our inventory and purchase more.

If you have any questions please ask. The eBay store will soon reflect the same changes.

Under Construction

We are working on updating the website and our eBay store. I’m sorry if this causes you any hassle.  Thank you

Sorry For the Break

Hey everyone, sorry about the gap in posts. We have been a little preoccupied because ROB GOT MARRIED! All partying and congratulations aside, we couldn’t keep away from the shop in Leominster so before the bachelor party we managed to swap out the screw drive motor with something with a bit (lot) more torque. Now the pellets are driven with sufficient force and long beautiful filament comes extruding out the other end, More testing and refining to come!Image

Look at that guy, all married and stuff.

4lb ABS

We have added 4lb white ABS to our eBay store. Check it out at

HDPE filament

We made some HDPE filement on Sunday. We need to work on its consistency. But its a step in the right direction. Next step is to try printing with it!!