Masterbatch Ratios for the Filastruder

Great work by David Smith using our plastic and colorant.

Bits Into Atoms

I’ve been mixing up different colors and running them through the Filastruder. I’ve kept the Filastruder going 100% of the time. I’m trying to do them in an order so that the colors are similar and that one batch can quickly transition to the next. Here is what I’ve done so far.

Lemon/Lime (1:64 master batch ratio) – The color came out very close to a nice lemon lime color. The color varied back and forth between green and yellow as it would hit one of the master batch granules.

  • 2 cups ABS Natural from OSPrinting
  • 1.25 tsp yellow master batch
  • 0.25 tsp blue master batch

Yellow (1:32 master batch ratio) – I wanted a color that could be used to print a Pikachu for my daughter. For a true Pikachu yellow, I probably should have added a tiny bit of red to it. The yellow came out nice although…

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Fully Assembled Manual V1.2 Released

The newest version of the manual is out. We have changed out a few parts and how we assembled the fan assembly. The 3D printed bars have been changed with laser cut ones. Also, the fan is placed under the fan mount. This allows better adjustment of the fan assembly and prevents the fan from blowing on the nozzle. If you have the printed guide bars, here is Manual V1.1.

August Filastruders Done!!

It has been a while since we have last posted here. We have been working hard to build machines and get them out the door. Well today we shipped out 27 machines, marking the end of August (machines)!! 



We have around 96 more machines to go. This should take us between 5-6 weeks to complete. 


On a side note, we got glow in the dark master batch!! You can find them in our store individually or with any of our bundles.



Sale and Other News

First off, I have left my job and will be going full time starting Monday. What does this mean for you, well I can focus way more time than before. I will be going from 10 -15 hours a week to 40+. This means more time to build machines, more time to focus on product development. I have some good ideas in the pipeline, I just needed the time. So lets Celebrate!! For the next two weeks we will be giving any order of $30 10% off. Use the code 10off. These are exciting times.

We are working on doing bundles. These would include natural plastic, a choice of a few colors, and free shipping. There will be options for domestic and international orders. There will be 4lb option and a 10 pound option. Expect to see these this week. We have also added color bundles. Those are on our store as I type.

When it comes to machines, I know we area bit late but here is our plan. We have majority of the machines done, and I will be building Monday and Tuesday. My goal is to get all of the June kits out this week. When I make the labels, you will receive an email with the tracking info. We are shipping Fedex ground for the US and USPS for international orders. We have shipped a few kits and have learned a ton about how to ship these machines and ways to improve.

One of those improvements was a manual. This manual will cover what to expect in your box and what you need to do to get to your first extrusion. In the future we will be releasing troubleshooting guides and how to change out nozzles.

Check out for an alternate fan mount.

Once we are done June machines, we will be rolling right into July machines.

We now have a Tech support email If you have any issues with your machine or need help, email us and we will do everything we can. This email will also help us track issues and improve our design and your experience.

I would like to say thank you to all our great supports and everyone who has given us feed back. Keep it coming!!


Filastruder info

With our machines about to head out. I would like to take the time to direct people to all the information they will need. The machine will come not completely assembled. We do this to help protect some key components during shipping. You will need to assemble the guide/fan assembly. The fan is taped to the front of the machine, and the parts are located in a padded bag inside your box. Reference the drawings below for more information.

guide assembly

The guide assembly is used to support the filament as it leaves the nozzle. The filament will rest on the metal guides located at the end of the guide bars. These are adjustable so that you can tailor your machine.

The final step is to plug in your machine using the power cord enclosed. The cord is a AC to DC converter, and plugs into the dc jack on the back end. Before you turn the machine on please read the owners manual. This will include instruction on how to build a kit version but at the end on instructions on how to run it. We also recommend you review the for information on general operations. This will help you prepare yourself.

To turn on the machine, turn the HEATER switch to ON. You will see the PID controller turn on. You will need to set it to the desired temperature. Reference the manual on how to do this. After the heater has been on for 10-15 minutes and it has reached the desired temperature. You are ready to introduce plastic pellets. Fill the hopper with your pellets and turn the MOTOR switch to ON. This will feed the pellets into the hot end. You should see plastic start to extrude out of the end of the nozzle. You will want to use some kind of tool to guide the filament over the guide assembly.

If you have any questions please ask. If you run into any issues or problems, please let us know. We want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Thank you

Rough Day

We had big plans for today. We had people coming to help and parts were ready to go. Then things started to go wrong. We found some small issues with the enclosure. We could fix these by hand but that takes time. Luckily we only cut 14 of them and we could fix the problem. Then we noticed our router shaking around. Turns out it was trying to destroy itself. The gantry has shifted and the machine was all messed up. A sheet of plywood was jacked up and we had to scrap it. We gave the machine some love and got it working better than before. Finally, We put together our first machine and we noticed something was wrong. The hot end was off center. The center support was off center and all of them had to be scraped.

Not everything was bad today. Everyone worked hard and we got a few machines put together. We also got a ton of leg work done. Pipes cleaned up, hot ends assembled, and enclosures cleaned up. We also got most of the cutting done on a new set of supports. It was a rough day but we still got a lot done.



PLA Colorant and updates!!

Greetings everyone!!!

The PLA colorant is in and will be going up today or tomorrow. We will have Red, Blue, Black, and Yellow.

We also have been getting organized and are ready to start making Filastruders!!The last of the parts come in next week. Then the fun begins.